Social commitment

Hamburgische Regenbogenstiftung

The Hamburgische Regenbogenstiftung, founded in 2014 by the AIDS-Hilfe eV Hamburg wants above all to improve the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS. It wants to help people in need through their circumstances special support to live in dignity, in a non-discriminatory and stigma-free environment.
Janne supports the Hamburgische Regenbogenstiftung as a board member in the fight against AIDS and exclusion. For more tolerance and integration:
"Obstacles are there to overcome. Especially intolerance."



Pink Ribbon Deutschland

Worldwide, the pink color loop at "PINK RIBBON" is used as an unmistakable symbol in the fight against breast cancer. The aim is to work together to strengthen the awareness of breast cancer and to raise awareness of the importance of early detection.
"When Amina Wagner-Ewig from ART IN THE CITY asked me, if I want to be represantative of the PINK RIBBON horse, I agreed immediately. Breast cancer affects us all! Especially with this disease early detection plays a crucial role for positive disease!"