1. Do you have an internship programme?

    Yes, we offer internships for a minimum of six weeks. We are unable to provide housing for our interns, however, so you will need to find your own place to stay and provide for your own meals. Interns must be at least 16 years old and have proven experience with horses.

  2. Do you have an apprenticeship programme?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to take on long-term trainees and apprentices at the moment due to a lack of vacancies. As soon as we need another trainee, we will advertise the vacancy in the news section of the website.

  3. Do you give lessons and/or training courses?

    I am afraid I cannot give lessons or training courses right now because we are very busy with tournaments. Any future training courses will be announced in the news section.

  4. How can I get an autograph?

    To get an autograph, please write to the following address and include a stamped envelope.

    Janne Friederike Meyer
    Lindenallee 98
    22869 Schenefeld