About Janne


January 12th 1981


Hamburg, Germany


Graduated from high school in 2001


Founded her own tournament and training stable in October 2001


Flying, scuba diving






It all started with a little fly…

The first time her father Friedrich took her horseback riding, Janne was only two years old. A few years later, she got her first pony, Mücke (which means "fly" in German). "We galloped through the woods, without a saddle, we went swimming together in the summer and went for sleigh rides in the winter", Janne recalls. Mücke also was the first pony Janne competed on a show with. They did not get off to a particularly successful start, but that did not dampen Janne’s spirits. With Mücke, she got better at E grades, and later, with Waterman and Jack in the Box, she successfully moved on to the Pony League. When she was 12 yeas old, Janne competed in her first German National Championship.

The horse she celebrated her first successes with was Callistro. He was a special horse, because Janne’s father was his breeder, and Janne got the chance to train him all by herself. Janne rode this large gray gelding – that is still part of the Meyer family – to her first German Young Riders Championship. Together, they won Nations Cups as well as Janne’s first car, and following their bronze medal at the European Young Riders Championship, they advanced to the Senior League.

A life with horses

Janne knew very early on that she wanted to spend her life working with horses. It is probably in her genes, as her parents, Ursula and Friedrich Meyer, are also in the equestrian business, working as very enthusiastic breeders of Holsteiner horses. To get her parents’ support though, Janne had to fulfil one condition: "School first, then you can ride." After graduating from high school in 2001, Janne opened her own stable, for both competition and training, in Hamburg. While some were surprised at this move, Janne saw it as a logical step: "When I was still in high school, I started training other breeders’ horses, and I presented them at competitions when they were ready to be sold."
She has a sound business sense, und although she had to sell a large number of her horses earlier, her business now has several pillars. "Without my sponsors, I couldn’t possibly afford the premium horses I need for my sports."

An extraordinary career

Drawbacks never slowed Janne down. At the 2005 German Jumping Derby in Hamburg, she fell at the wall and lost consciousness. Fortunately, it was only a light concussion, and Janne was able to get back into the saddle soon after. One year later, she won the women’s contest at the German National Championship in Münster, and from there on kept improving her performance.

2010 followed by a number of good Nations Cup performances Janne became part of the championship squad and won team gold at the World Championship in Kentucky: "I really like competing in a team, and I enjoy the responsibility that every single rider on a team has." In 2011, she and her partner Cellagon Lambrasco were part of the German team that won the European Championship in Madrid. That same year, she also won the Aachen Grand Prix in a stunning performance with a final, winning jump that no one who was present will ever forget. 
In 2012, they become German reserve Champion and were part of the German Olympic team in London. 2013, they jumped again on the 4th place in the Global Champions Tour at their favorite show, the Hamburg Derby - where Janne will retire her "Mops", as she calls him, a year later from the international sport: "Mops is not just a horse - for me he's my wonder horse. He is the best example that you can grow and reach things which no one would have expected!", she describes her special companion, who will enjoy the rest of his life on the farm and the fields of her parents, together with Callistro.

When asked what her strengths are, Janne says: "I think I manage to communicate the pleasure I get out of my work to my horses, not only during competitions, but also during our training at home. My horses always try to do their best for me."

Janne’s hobbies – underwater and up in the sky

Although Janne has very little free time, she has managed to get a truck-driving license to allow her to drive the horseboxes, as well as scuba-diving and pilot’s licenses. She now spends most of her spare time either up in the sky or underwater. She is a huge Cat Stevens fan and from time to time she loves changing her riding. When asked about her weakness for cowboy boots, she smiles and replies in her typical diplomatic fashion: "I wouldn’t say I collect cowboy boots, but it’s true that I buy new ones from time to time and don’t throw out the old ones.