Janne’s team is the backbone of her success. When she is on the road and competing at tournaments, she knows she can rely on her team to take perfect care of her horses at home.

Sebastian Hasenberg:

'Sebi' runs the stable when Janne is away. He is responsible for dressage training and for making appointments with farriers and vets.

Verena Schult

Verena grooms Jannes horses both at home and on the shows - she ensures that all horses feel good.



Tjark Nagel:

Tjark and Janne are a winning tournament team. They already celebrated a lot of common success.


Rebekka Koehne

Rebekka continuous supports Janne's team. She is a reliable assistant in everyday tasks as well as at shows.

Ingeborg Küppers-Erichsen:

Ms Küppers-Erichsen is Janne’s accountant.